What is the role of an tour manager?

 When artists and crew are on the road, tour managers handle almost every aspect of their lives.

Assisting with planning, administration, and on-the-ground assistance for the duration of a concert tour, tour managers handle almost every element of the life of performers and crew while they are on the road. The band's hospitality needs (backstage catering and dressing room setup) are communicated to concert producers and venue management in advance. They also make travel and lodging arrangements, make sure musicians and crew arrive at their next destination safely and on time, and see to it that the artist's rider requests are fulfilled.

The top tour managers anticipate problems and emergencies before they happen and deal with them quickly and effectively.

The artists and crew get day sheets from tour management detailing each day's plan. The tour manager is in charge of making sure everyone is present for all media appearances, including interviews, radio station visits, and record shop appearances. The tour manager oversees the tour's finances, keeping a tight check on the money coming in and going out to make sure everything stays within the tour accountant's budget. This is maybe most vital. It is the tour manager's responsibility to find a solution and restore harmony when a problem emerges, whether it's because of a disagreement with a promoter, a passport emergency, guest list errors, or the artist's own bad behavior. When it comes to promoting the tour, tour managers occasionally collaborate closely with a tour publicist. Tour managers on smaller tours could also be responsible for managing the merchandise table or other production-related tasks.

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