What is the role of an Artist Manager?

 One of the most important members of every artist or band's support team is the artist manager, who has a say in all professional choices, from long-term objectives to what to eat for lunch.

The specific responsibilities of an artist manager vary depending on the industry and the size and stage of their client's career, but frequently combine those of an A&R representative, PR agent, business manager, or talent agent in addition to direct supervision of the artist or band and advocating for the artist's interests with employers. Nearly all artist managers have intimate working relationships with their clients; they are partners in success or failure.

The most effective managers are egoless, tough-skinned, and persistent; they are prepared and able to fight hard behind the scenes for their client's interests.

The daily and long-term careers of their clients are shaped by artist managers. They frequently assist clients with booking gigs, organizing record releases and tours, planning album projects, developing marketing and merchandising plans, getting compensated for their work, and establishing and pursuing long-term career objectives. A manager's role can go far beyond this, as they are also their clients' advocates. As such, they may negotiate record deals, mediate interpersonal disputes within the band, fight for a client who isn't getting the treatment they were promised in the contract, advocate on their client's behalf with labels, producers, agents, and promoters, and even work to improve the client's mental and physical health. Due to recent changes in the music business, managers now spend more time focusing on how to use a band's brand equity to generate money and forge strategic alliances.

My Management Agency

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